Adobe Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities
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Antu Sanadi
2017-08-11 10:38:46 UTC
Hello all,

Adobe has released four security updates for Adobe Flash Player(APSB17-23),
Adobe Experience Manager (APSB17-26), Adobe Acrobat and Reader
(APSB17-24) and
Adobe Digital Editions (APSB17-27) which covers a total of 80*CVE’s*.

*Adobe Flash Player*address a critical type confusion vulnerability that
could lead to
code execution and an important security bypass vulnerability that could
lead to
information disclosure.

*Adobe Acrobat and Reader*address vulnerabilities rated Critical and
Important that
could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

*Adobe Digital Editions*updates resolves a critical heap buffer overflow
that could lead to code execution, seven memory corruption
vulnerabilities rated
important that could lead to disclosure of memory addresses and an XML
external entity
processing vulnerability rated critical that could lead to information

*Adobe Experience Manager*updates resolve an important file type
validation vulnerability
and two moderate information disclosure vulnerabilities.

*Priority of Patch :**

Product: *Adobe Flash Player
*Severity Rating*: Critical
*Impact: *Remote Code Execution

*Product: *Adobe Acrobat and Reader
*Severity Rating*: Critical
*Impact: *Remote Code Execution

*Product: *Adobe Digital Editions
*Severity Rating*: Critical
*Impact: *Memory Address Disclosure

We have now created the NVTs to detect all these vulnerabilities(soon
will be update into feed),
Please do scan with updated feed to detect the vulnerabilities and
strongly recommended to
apply security patches as soon as possible to stay secure.

Antu Sanadi